Newest ChessArm Project released.

ChessArm project for Cloud chess board

This project be developed for Cload chess board. When player point the chess pieces move on board, could got the X/Y of the piece back, then the X/Y cords can be translate to arm senvos move. this is the another core for transport the messages form robot to arm.

this the github homepage of the project.)

the Start of the project was the preparing event for FlameChess Robotic invitation. Board with Arms was best show solution for kids to interest robots. And there’re many huge chess robots in many Science and Technology Museum. this project was using desktop Arm solution to let the chess robot smaller and kindly for kids.

 armsolution1 2arm
(chess arm solution, with 2 arms to cover whole board.)
piecehand1 piecehand2
(2 kinds of arm hand, 1 using the air, another to catch pieces.)block1 block2
chinese tradional chess pieces is flat drum shape, 2 center method.)

(demonstration chessarm system video for FCR invitation.)