Challenge AlphaGo – PBL program

 A Junior Flamechess Team was Starting Programming Learning.


They’ll learning the Scratch programming, That’s a sample about sudoku. the girl was 1st recorder of the game.

2 9

Additional, design the offline game, play with other kids, also a part of the program. above is the sample book to show how to design. After programming learning, those kids will be designed their own games – mindgames.

1 10

This was the 1st lesson, Mr.Yuan – the founder of FLAMEchess, ask kids:” what’s your target? ” They reply: “Challenge AlphaGo”

 Help those Junior kids to challenge AlphaGo.

this was the 1st time they play with sudoku robot. above the robot system diagram, shown how to work with the robot.

2017/5/21, at 5th Beijing Junior Sudoku Champinship, with newest Sudoku Robot Competation System released, this PBL program was announcement. (point pic to see detail.)

 Rename the PBL program to FlameAI.

Many ideas allready got from the Sudoku event.
Pls see detail on Page “FlameAI” on top of menu.

How to train the kids – the sudoku robot system.

  1. Software & Program:
    • Open source the game design
    • every kids could copy them and modify
    • all game for demo how to play offline
    • not only sudoku, any kind of mindgames, puzzles.
  2. Hardware:
    • many robot arm can adapted with easly

Welcome to join us to support the KIDs.
any org, any school, parents, teachers, coachs, volunters, students, can say some words to FengJiaYu Primary school, to suggest those kids, to encorage those kids, like your kids.
send message to me,
Mr.Yuan – the Founder of Flamechess,
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