FLAME lock – 1st open source project show in CHESSDUINO.org


This is an sudoku toys for kids (4-5yrs) training the basic rules with 3×3 Children’s Sudoku designed by FLAMECHESS STUDIO. There’re 2 levels of it:

Level One just put the 3 diffrent color pieces into each line 3 blocks ( horizontally and vertically ).

Level two is adding a condition, put any 2 diffrent color pieces into diffrent line first, then let kids finished others.

This is rules and howto play of the game:

3x3target the target of the game, you can replace 3 digitals with color pieces, objects, etc… some parents using fruits to play with kids. 🙂

3x3start2end Level 2 game beginning, the 2 digitals can’t move to other blocks at end of the game in right graph.

How to solve the Level 2, using above steps.

another way to solve more faster then basic one.

ps: all come from Volunter training metieral of Flaming Mountains Junior Chess team. (the APPs be develped for trainning parents, see detail: http://flamechess.cn/?p=86)
flamechess_Screenshot_04 flamechess_Screenshot_05

The toy used voice recording by author to prompt kids playing with. First init by put the 1~9 digital in the block, from left bottom corner, bottom to top, left to right, til right top corner. After that toy can know which color of each pieces. When kids put 1 pieces in, will prompt pieces color. After 9 pieces in, If the sudoku solved, the goal voice to speeak. There 2 level, how to switch from level 1 to level 2, hearing the voice prompt.

more detail pls. see the github source code on:
https://github.com/Microduino/FlameLockversion1.06.release (the orignals) 4 files.
https://github.com/CHESSduino/FlameLock (the project official) 5 files.
https://github.com/CHESSduino/FlameLock/tree/Sudoku-Halloween-sugar (the newest branch.) 20 files & more comments.


MicroDunio In it.

core & coremicro
Core+ 64k version: mCookie(left) & Microduino(right)

9 RFID modules connectioned with cables.

coil2 & coil1
9 coils for each RFID modules, 2 version of them: Separated circuit board (left) & exposed coil on back of RFID module, all connected with cables.

Real Layout of the LOCK:

(left) using LEGO pieces & board to build the base of LOCK. using cables connected the modules & Sound peripherals & Power supply (all modules are the microduino products.)

LEGO pieces base board(left) & modules connection above(right)

Sound peripherals & Power supply modules:

Amplifier(left) + Audio Shield(mid) + Audio(right) modules

2speakers + 2 speakers

bm1 or m2m
BM module (mCookie version, left) or microduino version with m2M converter (right) and 3.7V lI battery.
battery + chargeswitch
charge switch (right) was optional.

DuoV extension to connect Core & Sound,
hub1 hub2
Hub extension was optional. 2 version of hub, mCookie (left) & microduino (right), the cable interface (IIC) with RFID modules: GND, 3V3, SDM, SCL. Can Also Using DuoV extension’s Micro-USB Jack to supply power.

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How does kids play? (see the short video below):

4 years old kids play in the kindergarten, was encouraged to play sudoku.