UR duino

.  UR robotic system (Universal Robot system) is a famouse Robot Arm company in the world, It’s from Danmark, now sold to US. Its China office was giving the biggest help to flamechess robotic system for developing & testing. Its Beijing Partner WeLink already became the R&D base of FlameChess Robot Station — it’s the newest mindgames demo system project of FCR union.

.  UR duino was the project name of FCR station, Its name look like CHESSduino, replace CHESS with UR because of UR was the leader brand of Industral Robot. Target of UR duino is the connect Industral Robot system with open source hardware platform, such as arduino.

.  The result of UR duino was Sudoku game demo sytem used on 2017 China Sudoku Game. pls view the video, the source and other document will be soon as open source.

Sudoku Robot Training Mode – in detail intoduce by chinese.

Sudoku Robot Demo System – Training Mode Whole edition

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Hardware Platform:

  1. Universal Robot system UR3
  2. Microduino Core+ 64k
  3. Cloud Chess Board (90’s board)