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. FlameChess is the newest chinese chess for educational function for kids and culture. It’s using several special play methods to teach kids learning chinese chess or international chess, also a family game which  is playing parents and kids togather. Several years ago, It must be DIY made by parents-selves, and share the fun play methods in community. Now It has products already.
. This page will introduce to you What the newest chessset is:


 Five Version of FlameChess Set: (left to right)

  1. Flame chess AI suit (become a big gift after joining the Flame Chess AI Laboratory),
  2. Flame chess programming suit (this is Feng Xiao’s school equipment, every kids have one, open the AI training to kids),
  3. Flame Chess Based version (with a plastic storage, 34 chess pieces are well seated, the storage be Created during the Science Festival.) 2 dices for the newest play method — go to the MARs
  4. Flame chess 3D modeling ( two parts of chess pieces, bottom is Chinese chess , and carry the chess body )
  5. Flame Chess DIY hand-made version (in old books, cut and hand-wrapped into flame chess basic shape, circle and hex, is the best carrier of flame chess, only sent to friend, pictured is send to Norwegian Trumso, FM-Gift-10002 belongs to her for remember me).

 Only to B & NGOs:

  • to B: above version 1-4 all for makerspace solution of school.
    include STEM lesson and all flamechess maker example.
  • to NGO: DIY version and method is sharing target between NGOs.

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  • to CITY INVITER: pls view HEX – the Rainbow between kids.
    ( pls. mail  to me with title: apply CITY INVITER [city name, country name] 
    and some intro to you for interesting of flamechess. mail addr: yuandj1972@163.com )