HEX board for CCG.ai was born.

2018.11.25 HEX board for CCG.ai was born at MindGame Conference of beijing juniors. This’s the first Electric board for HEX game powered by Cloud Chess Board of CJcloud Co.ltd beijing. The HEX game was starting from 2016 at University Computer Games Championship by CAAI, the Technical Committee of Computer Games, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence.

 HEX board designs:

5bbcc2aaebc5c 5bbcc2b2e954c 5bbcc2c0173fe 5bbcc2ca9c725 5bbcc2d193f13 5bbcc2d987713
the original page at: http://www.i3done.com/model/617418.html 

 The DIY Version at MindGame Conference of beijing juniors:

webwxgetmsgimg (2) webwxgetmsgimg (1)2
The DIY Version was based sensor array of CCB and microduino controler. additional BLE or WIFI module make the board connecting to Mobile Phone and Webservice.

 Connect Players between ShangHai and Beijing

At 2018 CCGJ invitation, the 5 kids each side of ShangHai and Beijing, will play the diffrent size of HEX game on web. the device board is the HEX board of CCB. The player will play on the board then the sensor will send moves to screen for directly boradcast.

 The Board will be open source at future.

Arduino was famous open source project, microduino was the best partner of flamechess. Open Source is the best way to make the application of CCB. After the Invitation the HEX board will be open source at GITHUB. 😀 (now. it’s available. ccbmagII )

Challenge AlphaGo – PBL program

 A Junior Flamechess Team was Starting Programming Learning.


They’ll learning the Scratch programming, That’s a sample about sudoku. the girl was 1st recorder of the game.

2 9

Additional, design the offline game, play with other kids, also a part of the program. above is the sample book to show how to design. After programming learning, those kids will be designed their own games – mindgames.

1 10

This was the 1st lesson, Mr.Yuan – the founder of FLAMEchess, ask kids:” what’s your target? ” They reply: “Challenge AlphaGo”

 Help those Junior kids to challenge AlphaGo.

this was the 1st time they play with sudoku robot. above the robot system diagram, shown how to work with the robot.

2017/5/21, at 5th Beijing Junior Sudoku Champinship, with newest Sudoku Robot Competation System released, this PBL program was announcement. (point pic to see detail.)

 Rename the PBL program to FlameAI.

Many ideas allready got from the Sudoku event.
Pls see detail on Page “FlameAI” on top of menu.

How to train the kids – the sudoku robot system.

  1. Software & Program:
    • Open source the game design
    • every kids could copy them and modify
    • all game for demo how to play offline
    • not only sudoku, any kind of mindgames, puzzles.
  2. Hardware:
    • many robot arm can adapted with easly

Welcome to join us to support the KIDs.
any org, any school, parents, teachers, coachs, volunters, students, can say some words to FengJiaYu Primary school, to suggest those kids, to encorage those kids, like your kids.
send message to me,
Mr.Yuan – the Founder of Flamechess,
the volunter teacher of FengJiaYu Primary school.

How was amazing CHESS robotic System?

IMG_20170308_123126_1 IMG_20170308_123147 IMG_20170308_115245IMG_20170308_152733 IMG_20170308_151840

. That’s just happen an event FCR invitation 2017 DK, There’re a arduino based CHESS robotic System shown on the event. 300 kids to view the Robot, and playing with robot, and got lots of smile one kids’s face. That’s the FCR invitation, an STEM progrom newest for kids worldwide. now to intro the 1st show system of this program.

 PREPARing to equip the FlameChess Robotic system.

. March 8 Happy Women’s Day. 2:09am time difference between KPH & BJ, best time to equipped with the robot – 1st demo system of Flamechess Robotic. Really like this large cafe, more audience  [color]
mmexport1489115658252 mmexport1489115661263 mmexport1489115663879 mmexport1489115666316 mmexport1489115668857 mmexport1489115671519 mmexport1489115673976

  1. Cloud Chess Board and FlameChess robot (brain)
  2. The main arm, the module that receives the command is equipped above. (Bluetooth BLE transmission), including communication from the slave robot arm, dual Bluetooth channel.
  3. the slave robotic arm, and the power cord, next to the 2 (toy) air pump [smile], to grab the pawn is proper enough.
  4. Robotic arm PLATFORM, the above is a cloud chess board electronic control sensor array, limit plate, of course, but also a flame chess board ( machine understand which piece to move, the player should also understand)
  5. Sudoku slider, the most weak part, next version must change.
  6.  Sudoku chess pieces (using Chinese chess pieces done, most general
    traditional CHINIESE.CHESS pieces).
    Mobile phone connecting two boards. This time no time to connect with the domestic. Two mobile phones using text messages can control the remote robot arm chess, and then pass the child’s smile, from VIDEO live.
  7. Long wire board, any power supply could be connected.
    (above was written at 2:26am )

. CORE+ and the power cord is fixed at the right, the Bluetooth module is fixed on the left, and UARM is equipped with a wireless function to accept the phone’s instructions. This is the ready main arm (left arm) [proud]  ( 2:35am )

  to ASSEMBling  the main Robotic ARM.

mmexport1489122101010 mmexport1489122103899mmexport1489122106582 mmexport1489122109139 mmexport1489122111596 mmexport1489122114093
. Before starting the assembly, each of tapes used to fixed was stripped. to view the lines used to mark. Cloud Chess Board, RFID sensor array layer, limit plate was clear to view. Especially the limit plate for the pieces of the slide down the “BAFFLE“, was the acrylic factory workers to help draw. the Each result of the show, the external is just the tip of the iceberg, the process has too many details. Fortunately, the flamechess is a story, the need is the plot. Flame chess robot is not a product, but a props, can be any “pose” [color] ( 3.29am )

mmexport1489122167790 mmexport1489122170327 mmexport1489122172750 mmexport1489122177531 mmexport1489122180062 mmexport1489122182519 mmexport1489122185690 mmexport1489122192777 mmexport1489122196868

  1. No.6 air pump with No.6 arm (thanks to Geng teacher) each node has your assistance (flamechess gift towor cardboard sculpture in the community show, the young drone pilot was very skilled. the ZHONGGUANCUN and BAIZIWAN two community FlameChess group battle was shooting as a small video, very cool.). Easy to use the small screwdriver came from the IKEA furniture. So that the standardization tool is the basis of industry.
  2. Place the screw in the same position, including the gasket, in-situ assembly, in order to ensure the minimum deviation.
  3. to tighten the screw just penetrate the PLATFORM of the arm.
  4. penetrate the base of the ARM.
  5. Fixed (the diagonal screw first tightening, and finally stay 2 laps, and then alternately twist 1 lap, then the diagonal line in turn, last half lap to tighten, using the PVC  platform’s elastic to enhance stability.)
  6. Wrap the hose to the arm base, the screw long out of the base, can fixed the hose. this feature [bared teeth] only non-standard accessories was have. it’s came from hardware shop on the roadside.
  7. Connect the pump power supply
    (from the mainboard power supply of the robot arm).
  8. Air pump, external power supply layout.
  9. Welldone (UARMmetel) The last post LOGO on the other side. Yesterday morning went to the Copenhagen University of artificial intelligence and robot lab to introduced the idea to professor . He actually recommended UARM.  I said that is the now selection. He was surprised [proud]. this Just to know What this electronic toys be welcome by foreigner. ( 3:48am )

 TESTing the Main ARM.

mmexport1489128267073 mmexport1489128271361 mmexport1489128275405 mmexport1489128278072 mmexport1489128280767 mmexport1489128283527 mmexport1489128287716

  1. Connected the power supply, The adapter buyed at the third time to visit Denmark, also Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, the first time to DK also DIY a plug. Arrange cablea & waiting power on.
  2. Zero degree limit check whether the cable was around the neck.
  3. 180 degree limit check (around the neck is the obstetric terminology, the robot baby was the rhythm of delivery exam. 🙂
  4. ON ( the power )
  5. Red light, Wake up,  looks like eyes of Transformers.
    The Cloud Chess Board APP’s device appears in the list.
  6. READY.
  7. This’s a solid advertising for MircoDuino ( small body large energy ). This Android version was the open source project,  the source of the cloud chess board. This work was done by a stuff of Microduino, this guy’s named “Wen Tian drum”. UARM LOGO appeared at the 180-degree limit in the photo 3. ( 3:58am )

. That’s put the first number on the standard Sudoku chess board target location, should be the first squares of the first house. The program already into my mind. the chess arm project CHESSARM was relesed to GITHUB before visit Denmark. Two URLs can find clues. upfuture.org has just released schedule to Denmark. CHESSduino.org All ARDUINO projects about the cloud chess board can be found.

. this morning will OPEN OPEN OPEN at Copenhagen, Denmark. To meet more teachers to join us for kids to learning chess well. Yesterday morning at the University of Copenhagen AAU before college students allready had the “speech” . English words SPEECH more suitable TO me. If writing was not well, just express face to face, plus body language, as long as you want to tell other. ( 4:09am )

 Cloud Chess Board® TESTing

mmexport1489347341809 mmexport1489347345664 mmexport1489347348998 mmexport1489347353164 mmexport1489347356389 mmexport1489347360271 mmexport1489347363635 mmexport1489347367171 mmexport1489347373170

  1. Check the Cloud Chess Board.
  2. Found multiple devices.
  3. BB:68 is cloud chess board, another is the robot arm.
  4. Ready.
  5. Cloud chess board and control robots are one-to-one correspondence. Chose a traditional chess board, is an early version of the power supply module, microduino 1.0.
  6. turn the Power on , the green light shows the battery need charging. (the test was necessary)
  7. The initialization position A1 (pass)
  8. e2 – e4, the robot standing on the chess piece.
  9. Each chess pieces move all through the GSM network, in short messages sent to another phone. ( using my number, cost was the international SMS charges.) ( 4:54am )

 Right ARM (slave arm)

mmexport1489349873976 mmexport1489349876762 mmexport1489349879289  mmexport1489349887012

  • Right arm ( slave arm ) more simple,
    only has bluetooth module (FIG. 2),
  • to receive the main arm forward control signal, from mobile phones. Need left hand and right hand to cooperate, UARM “fatal problem” is the short hand. standard Flamechess board has 90 block, 38 mm x 38 mm for each and 9 x10 (FIG. 3 is half sudoku board.)
  • Too “big” for UARM, one arm only cover for more than half, 6×9 minus 2 (because the two blocks far from arm center can’t reach [pie mouth]). This morning the chess event will not to show the left hand and right hand cooperation. The right hand is posed. (don’t start the program in the robot arm. you interested it can look at the source code at GITHUB, fig. 5).
  • The last Fig is final Right arm( slave arm ) presentation, three layers (sensor board, sudoku board, limit board), put on the robot platform, Without fixed, easy to equip.

 Main ARM 2nd TESTing in REAL.

mmexport1489381178207 mmexport1489381181673 mmexport1489381185648 mmexport1489381189515 mmexport1489381193171 mmexport1489381196759 mmexport1489381200274 mmexport1489381203782 mmexport1489381206732

  1. Main arm real tesing, the pieces can be marked in any number, even if symbols or graphics. In the mind of the robot (program) is considered to be the index number 1234. It is a computer model about sudoku.
  2. overlooking in other side, ready to power.
  3. limit board of Sudoku slider had double layer, a detail pictures. scale line on the PVC plate, using for reinstall it, only need testing one time , then to success.
  4. locate in the digital pool (all numbers got from the reference coordinate index 123456789)
  5. catching (pumping)
  6. moving (robots to Sudoku results target position, like writing numbers, the robot just throwing pieces, It’s only a kid. 🙂
  7. release (air pumper turns off)
  8. it was too close near the “wall” at digital pool (Figure 1), so it was not in place. 2nd times it’s in place.
  9. test results, perfect.


. This’s Sudoku slider. Half of pieces testing is finished (perfect), it’s slippery, in the safety of the premise, can not slip out [smile]. ( 6:40am )

mmexport1489385751790 mmexport1489385766449 mmexport1489385769949 mmexport1489385773478 mmexport1489385777193 mmexport1489385780823 mmexport1489385784710 mmexport1489385788725 mmexport1489385792350

  1. This’s the Sudoku slider look like. just Put it on 1st, including the diary writing to wechat, already 4 hours.
  2. All sliders together were too wide then the robot arm platform, adding the expansion board in two side (using acrylic chess board).
  3. using transparent sticker to connect slider with chess board. (it’s prepare process) (Fig. 4) Sudoku pieces start position, details about the limit board of digital pool . (Fig. 5) this four slider was half of whole nine, stick it starting from the distal end of the ladder then nearest one. First placed in the position, do not worry stick in place one time. (Fig. 6) overlook. (Fig. 7) pressing the transparent sticker on to the end of the digital pool. (Fig. 8) It’s finished. (Fig. 9) that’s the way the pieces glide. (short video above)
    ( The friction of slides and pieces nearly 0 ) the inertia and multi pieces weight can drive the pieces into the pool. ( 6:53am )

  All was prepared, Waiting for START of …

mmexport1489389552048 mmexport1489389547434 mmexport1489389542228 mmexport1489389539083 mmexport1489389535470 mmexport1489389531898 mmexport1489389528252 mmexport1489389525370

  1. final makeup, replacement with number of 1359, on behalf of Pawn, kNight, Rook, Queen.
  2. There’re two questions. This is the first question. To ensure the robot could random the different question each time.
  3. the start state, digital be replaced.
  4. the standard initial state, a line with 123456789.
  5. that’s the two standard Sudoku problem.
  6. Replace FlameChess “dice” with numbers of solving Sudoku.
    • turn all numbers over can’t saw what number is it.
    • The mission is let the children guess numbers,
      guess wrong will stop move one time or move king.
    • Using the correct number to move pieces.
    • First 6 number not need to check right or wrong,
      move pieces directly like throw dice.
  7. The first question of standard Sudoku, video recording is coherent, morning event have no problem, guarantee.
  8. STANDBY. GO (send message to robot from Andriod phone.) welldone, packed it, ready to going to the stadium. ( 8:05am )

. Ready, the last step pieces to move. Look around, and now in the early morning, the sun is shining on the terrace outside the cafe. Making some photos on the way. [sun sun sun sun sun]. ( 8:14am )

Newest ChessArm Project released.

ChessArm project for Cloud chess board

This project be developed for Cload chess board. When player point the chess pieces move on board, could got the X/Y of the piece back, then the X/Y cords can be translate to arm senvos move. this is the another core for transport the messages form robot to arm.

this the github homepage of the project.)

the Start of the project was the preparing event for FlameChess Robotic invitation. Board with Arms was best show solution for kids to interest robots. And there’re many huge chess robots in many Science and Technology Museum. this project was using desktop Arm solution to let the chess robot smaller and kindly for kids.

 armsolution1 2arm
(chess arm solution, with 2 arms to cover whole board.)
piecehand1 piecehand2
(2 kinds of arm hand, 1 using the air, another to catch pieces.)block1 block2
chinese tradional chess pieces is flat drum shape, 2 center method.)

(demonstration chessarm system video for FCR invitation.)

Hello, Welcome to CHESSduino world!

Writing at beginning.
After 2 days work, uploading 2 projects to GIThub, to build the Group of CHESSduino on it,
the community know start to running. the day is 2016/11/22.
I like to any speacil date, finding other meanings to remember it.
such as 11,22,33… like the puzzle games.
I hope the 2 projects could become thousands of games’ first 2.


CCBpoint the newest project:


chess board puzzle, to let the kids got the rules of board coordinates by themself who never know board before. This project come from FlameLock, the sample of RFID module usage. The RFID module be developed by microduino company, start for flamechess volunter project. Electric board be developed for remote training of mindgame, and the price or cost was important for kids, more cheaper more lots of kids can use it. At begining, designed 64 RFID modules be used as one board, using 32 ID chips as chess pieces, Using CCBpoint, Only 1 RFID module need, replace cost 64 ID chips for one whole board, 1 ID 1$.

this game just show the principle of the POINT method, the real project need more service added, not suit to openit. At Futual will open it, by find newest method to make the boards.

for more detail, Welcome to view the team Website: http://CHESSduino.org

Dejun Yuan founder of flamechess A volunter team for mindgames in Beijing china. 2016/11/22

PS: any question pls email me: yuandj1972@163.com


Also Microduino in it, but only 1 RFID module needed:

core & coremicro
Core+ 64k version: mCookie(left) & Microduino(right)

9 RFID modules connectioned with cables.

coil2 & coil1
9 coils for each RFID modules, 2 version of them: Separated circuit board (left) & exposed coil on back of RFID module, all connected with cables.

(ps: come from http://flamechess.cn/duino/?page_id=2)

Using BLE bluetooth module to communicate with Andriod phones:

ble BLE mCookie

that’s all modules and 64 id coils,
seprated by 4 parts, each 16 coils

CCBrobot come from CCBpoint, the final release version of FLAMEchess cloud board robot. It stand on the electric board with 64 rfid id coils under the board.


PS: Microduino modules in Wechat shop…