HEX board for CCG.ai was born.

2018.11.25 HEX board for CCG.ai was born at MindGame Conference of beijing juniors. This’s the first Electric board for HEX game powered by Cloud Chess Board of CJcloud Co.ltd beijing. The HEX game was starting from 2016 at University Computer Games Championship by CAAI, the Technical Committee of Computer Games, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence.

 HEX board designs:

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the original page at: http://www.i3done.com/model/617418.html 

 The DIY Version at MindGame Conference of beijing juniors:

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The DIY Version was based sensor array of CCB and microduino controler. additional BLE or WIFI module make the board connecting to Mobile Phone and Webservice.

 Connect Players between ShangHai and Beijing

At 2018 CCGJ invitation, the 5 kids each side of ShangHai and Beijing, will play the diffrent size of HEX game on web. the device board is the HEX board of CCB. The player will play on the board then the sensor will send moves to screen for directly boradcast.

 The Board will be open source at future.

Arduino was famous open source project, microduino was the best partner of flamechess. Open Source is the best way to make the application of CCB. After the Invitation the HEX board will be open source at GITHUB. 😀 (now. it’s available. ccbmagII )

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