Challenge AlphaGo – PBL program

2017/5/21, at 5th Beijing Junior Sudoku Champinship, Newest Sudoku Robot Competation System was released. It’s based on FlameChess Robot system, designed by Mr.Yuan – the founder of Flamechess.


This was the NEWs about Sudoku Robot presents on China Sudoku Champinship at 2017/7/23, SINA ( ) reports at 5/8.

In addition, the Sudoku Association will organize “Sudoku night” activities at the eve of the China Sudoku Festival. New friends “Sudoku Sudoku robot” will arrive at the scene, in addition to questions and solving Sudoku robot show, players will also have the opportunity of Sudoku combat with the robot, and the experience of human-computer cooperative combat.

 A Junior Flamechess Team was Starting Programming Learning.

3 4 5

Kids was playing with Sudoku Robot.

2 9

They’ll learning the Scratch programming, That’s a sample about sudoku. the girl was 1st recorder of the game.

6 7 8

Additional, design the offline game, play with other kids, also a part of the program. above is the sample book to show how to design. After programming learning, those kids will be designed their own games – mindgames.

1 10

This was the 1st lesson, Mr.Yuan – the founder of FLAMEchess, ask kids:” what’s your target? ” They reply: “Challenge AlphaGo”

 Help those Junior kids to challenge AlphaGo.

this was the 1st time they play with sudoku robot. above the robot system diagram, shown how to work with the robot.

2017/5/21, at 5th Beijing Junior Sudoku Champinship, with newest Sudoku Robot Competation System released, this PBL program was announcement. (point pic to see detail.)

 How to win the challenge, Many ideas we got.

  1. Human directly PK alphago
    self study more knowlege & training using robot system.
  2. Make a stronger Robot to PK alphago
    Copy AlphaGo program, then upgrading. & using new learning strategy.
  3. How to PK
    find out the mistake of AlphaGo,
    Using diffrent thinking,
    using human feeling to PK robot.
    Multi-human player vs AlphaGo,
    or change the game rules.
    Don’t pk caculating with robot, PK strategy.
  4. Others
    broken the robot
    play basketball with alphago 🙂

Exert human emotionimprove robot performance.

  • Learning program – understand robot.
  • work with robot to PK them.
  • Let kids to finish the the challenge ,
    to build stronger robot benifit for human.

 How to train the kids – the sudoku robot system.

  1. Software & Program:
    • Open source the game design
    • every kids could copy them and modify
    • all game for demo how to play offline
    • not only sudoku, any kind of mindgames, puzzles.
  2. Hardware:
    • many robot arm can adapted with easly

 challenging was going on, we are together.

For the kids training, 2017/6/7 was released one cheapest laser demo system. And FengJiaYu Primary sudoku team made a good testing. Those kids now are learning the Scratch Program Lessons of AERFAYING. At the day, Volunters of FlameChess worked with those kids to play the laser demo sudoku system 3 hours above. (detail: show0716.pdf)

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 “Challenge AlphaGo” K12 AI programming Contest.