Laser Demo system for Sudoku.

. FlameChess Robotic system was already announced a Sudoku Robot Demo system at Junior Sudoku Games Beijing 2017. This Laser Demo system was sample one for kids player to test driving the demo system for editing newest sudoku rules for robots.

The following was program plant based by microduino system. (list below.)

microduino hub (sensor connector) , 1
microduino core 328p 16m 5v  , 1
microduino usbttl , 1
microduino cube-s1 extenstion , 1
Sensor Servo connector , 1
sensor cable line , 1
totol price: ¥199 rmb

1 2 3 4 5

Another was laser control system:

Laser creator , 1
9g Servo , 2
totol price, ¥30 rmb

6 7

Cloud Chess Board sub system: (for input human moves.)

13.56m RFID ids , 90
Print Chess borad sticker (380mm x 342mm), 1
Aric Limit position transport chess board, 1
RFID reader usb not need driver, 1
total price, ¥170 rmb

 ide of program ScratchDestop pls send msg to Wechar: yuandj1972

 qrcode_for_gh_6c783f2e80e0_258 laser

 FlameLAB member JiaGang Li was finished 1st Product delivery.


960 STLs1 STLs2 STLs3 STLs4 STLs5

there’re 5 parts of the 3d-printed model files. (download the *.stl here.)

there’re two calibration program for this delivery.
(Simple correction.txt, and Complex correction.txt.)

Good news: this product will be presented as a winner prize at the “Challenge AlphaGo” K12 AI programming Contest, at Zhongguancun Innovation & Entrepreneurship Festival 2017.