FlameChessSet Developing Diary

. After one week of FlameChessSet Designs Release. Some new works presents in my eyes. How beautyful are they? Like my kids. This Diary recording this open source project’s developing, I hope it success the Goal of FCR union, for kids we’re connected.

Apr.2 2017
Mr. Dejun Yuan, the Founder of
FCR union & FlameChess.

Mar.29 2017

release_king release_queen release_bishop release_knight release_rook release_pawn pieces
. the gif animation was flamechessset pieces parts, Adaptive LEGO parts. pls view the Designs Released. point pics directly download design files *.prt in Mr.yuan’s flamechessset design.zip (pls. view readme in zip.)

  1. Three-d printed flamechess pieces model released.
  2. Three works of flamechessset design:


  • flamechess designs picture frame
  • acrylic flamechess pieces
  • flamechess pieces gift box


Apr.10th 2017

  diag.08 diag.09

CardBoard ChessTower Bacame TriLEGO pieces (1)


May.9th 2017

bottom dig top

. This is 10 times big then design pieces. each layer of cardboard is 8mm high. the King high 640mm, bottom size 270mm. LEGO pieces is 0.8mm.