Let FlameDoku help kids Out of the mountains

“Let Flamechess help kids out of the mountains”

. An Elder Coach said at beginning of Flaming mountain junior chess team borned. This hope encouraged many coach and parent and kids efforts together, and got lots of success. The key of it was SHAREing happiness with others.

“Let FlameDoku help kids out of the mountains”

. That’s the sound from a kids player who was the earlier team member of another mountains school chess team at SHUANGMIAO MINGDE junior school, QingLong, Heibei Province, China. the map far from beijing is below…

the maps where was the kids & the sound from.

. Yeasterday, I was driving to Qinglong to visit those kids. That’s for Chess robotic system demo When present at Mar.8, 2017 (the FCR invitation DK) . Only 2 hours, I was showing the Robot how to play, and play with kids, then asked them which gifts they like as honers. the Answer was below: chess set + teacher (could be coach, parents, kids brother/sister and anyone who knows how to play.) + a robot (help kids to interest , help teacher to orgnize the plays.) —— said Dejun Yuan (the inventor of FlameDoku)

chinese chess + chess + sudoku ( 3in1 set) in one box (left) & portable teacher’s version on the right hand. (next pics.)
. The practic was the chess play & try the chess robot how to work. All for the futrue’s teacher – junior students in a 30,000 kids province.

. We already got the solution to prepare let the kids out of the mountains. Not donate the tickets for them simply, It’s encourage them to got the target by themselves. When I heard a kids said: “I prepare gifts for DK kids, you donate me the ticket to danmark.” The road to future was clearly in my mind. next will introduce how far did we walked at last 2 years.

 WE meet at Apr.15 2015 spring day.

wemeet1 mmexport1488603244483 mmexport1488603334209
. At 1st flamechess community BAIZIWAN present a celebration after 2013 sportaccord world mindgame. Mr.Qi Officer of Adream Fundation & Mr.Yuan play with kids to feel How happy was play chess with CAKE.
. Apr.15 2015, Mr.yuan was invited to QingLong, at the same classroom – ADREAM classroom, Mr.Qi intro the lessons of their foundation. Mr. Yuan play the Puzzle with kids, the Education officer of Qinglong view the smile on kids’ face. One box within 30 sets of FLAMEchess which materials came form 5 meter high Flamechess Gift tower at 2014.12 sportaccord world mindgame. Half of 10,000 sets from the tower went to Qinglong at following.

 WE connected at next months

IMG_20150527_090954 IMG_20150527_091110 IMG_20150527_092146 IMG_20150527_093033 IMG_20150527_093105 IMG_20150527_093124 IMG_20150527_093442 IMG_20150527_093645 IMG_20150527_094243 IMG_20150527_094728

Danmark Cookie, Sudoku 4×4 level with FlameDoku play, KIDs & Teacher, a Big party within happiness. FlameChess Gift Tower Story at the beginning.

10/30, 6/27, 5/27, 4/15 4times . We & KIDs play together.

 WE invited KIDs to Beijing for 1st Flamechess Invitation.

June 14th 2015, Beijing primary and junior school flamechess Invitation held in beijing seventeen middle school. Qinglong KIDs was joined to those kids for happy. 2 teachers with 4 kids went to BJ TIAN’AN’MEN.

The Teacher Ms.YaWei Pang written a sudoku paper
named “happy sudoku with my growup.pdf

 TO remember the SMILEs, leting them go further

theBOY_IMG_20150627_163836 theBOY_IMG_20150627_164122 THEboy_mmexport1434261130399

How happy their smiles is.
Can you find the kids from larger pics above in this artical?
This moment don’t you want to let them go further?

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