KIDs’Doku Upgrading… Sudoku Robot Competation System released.

Yesterday, 2017/5/21, at 5th Beijing Junior Sudoku Champinship, Newest Sudoku Robot Competation System was released. It’s based on FlameChess Robot system, designed by Mr.Yuan – the founder of Flamechess.


This was the NEWs about Sudoku Robot presents on China Sudoku Champinship at 2017/7/23, SINA ( ) reports at May.8th.

In addition, the Sudoku Association will organize “Sudoku night” activities at the eve of the China Sudoku Festival. New friends “Sudoku Sudoku robot” will arrive at the scene, in addition to questions and solving Sudoku robot show, players will also have the opportunity of Sudoku combat with the robot, and the experience of human-computer cooperative combat. (end)

1_201305230957071 1_201305230830151 1_201305211552251

In 1st Beijing Junior Sudoku Champinship, we got the silver. the same place, at noon, Guanghua Road Primary School was playing the Flamechess with Mr.Yuan. That’s the start point of the Flamechess. More efforts, and No goal, just for fun, we got the biggest surprise, with parents,  got the the first honour of the kids. (May 19, 2013)


2013 group runner up, Ony 1 team – Guanghua Road Primary School. 2015, seven teams with hundreds of kids and parents, won the third place. 2017 Only Mr.Yuan and the robot, have no time greeting those kids. Fortunately, more new kids came up to me, giving more surprises, showing off their gifts, sunshine, and talent. Look at those kids, the last girl got the gold medal, Her was the earliest to play with the robot. China kids gold medal is large enough, and too bright. In Denmark, it’s smaller, but Every kids got one and Every one have smile. I like these sunny kids, and they like me, too.


“killer sudoku” those kids was thinking how to design a new question. Sudoku robot has a new application scenarios. What impressed me most is that the teacher was stop the first effort, at the end of the game with his mother back to the question, and to verify several times. This kid is the best sudoku player in his classmates’ eyes. When I said that Xiao Bao could be done the standard sudoku in the first grade, some friends said, “how about killer?”. Not everyone can be a teacher, design the new question, HE CAN.

 killer killeranswer

This is the newset killer sudoku problem designed by a kids.
(right gray pic was anwser of the problem.)

Let the FlameDoku Robot to help kids into MindGames!

. Final Demostration of FlameDoku Robotic system released yesterday Mar.31 2017, only half month after FCR UNION announcement. Using the title salute to teacher Chen Cen “Let Sudoku help kids into MindGames!

 What’s the FlameDoku Robot look like?

1490993208514_20174152257 1490993332332_2017415247

. It’s based FlameChess Robotic system. Using standard Cloud Chess Board (full size 9×10) ‘s SuDoku Areas(size 6×7) assisted with robotic arm system, randomly generated sudoku answer, used for play Flamedoku game.(a special method to teach kids learning sudoku, not need the book. pls, see KID’s doku.) Using the traditional chinese chess pieces with numbers’ sticker presents the sudoku answer.

. Starting position (pic 1) of number pieces was normal array, num 1 in 1st floor, num 4 in 4th floor. Result position  (pic 2) was sudoku array.

 Update Source to GitHub


Update Newest FlameDoku Robotic system Demos:

The 2 version of Source adding 2 main functions:

  1. in a 6×7 board, creating 4×4 rules sudoku answer, (6×6 will release later.) not need slider now.
  2. reverse cloud chess board interface, BLE port 0,1 for it.
    (ps: How was amazing CHESS robotic System?)

How to Adapte the Robotic system?

34741574100021061 519497270605500993 63340228505534507 648446854569741373

. above was the simplified sudoku robotic system control sub system. 2 channels BLE controller, 1 for cell phone, 1 for microduino RFID reader (from Cloud Chess Board.).

. Teacher used cell phone to make question, students using RFID reader to answer the question. (by moving pieces on the board and send the movement info automatically to robotic main system.)

650417532871717912 (pls, see github source.)
. In control center, there’re 3 serial ports be used. 01 serial and 45 serial ports as BLE channel. 23 serial port as ARM control.

Socket format: (3 chars command)

  • [num][x][y] in char[6][6] array.

2 logic the commands created:

  • full array for flamedoku method.
    [4] [3] [1] [2] in 1st floor, cmd: 411,321,131,241 …
  • part of array for standard sudoku question.
    [4] [  ] [  ] [2] in 1st floor, cmd: 411,241,…
    (in 4×4 level max 6 group cmds. in 6×6, max 12s)

Future funtions of it

  • 9×10 board fully control, capability for standard 9×9 sudoku.
  • Let robot join human team to compete the human sudoku champin.
  • open control system to adapt other 3rd partner arm system.
  • vision system adding the real eyes for the robot.
    (diffrent from currently eye tracking system.)

all based from this demo. (pls. see Developing Diary) Good Luck!
(following video was top pics’ video from this artical.)

How to start MindGame using robot in FCR invitation DK

. There’s a biggest event of flaming mountain junior chess team. The day yesterday Mar.8 was Women’s Day Internation, also Københavnsmesterskab for skoleskakhold 2017, also 1st chess robot system of flamechess shown to the world on FCR invitation DK. And also 1st primary school flamechess team borned at GuanHuaRoad in BJ china.

. That’s the honers they got the GuanHuaRoad primary school. I was meet those kids because the celebrating day Mar.8 at the school’s community I shown flamechess gift box version 1.0 to community kids also was students of the school. As guest the Leader teacher of the school was invited to view the show. That’s the start of …

. After starting to prepare the FCR invitation, there’re many works to do. Select the event time, discuss the detail of how to play the robot on the event. take the 1st testing how to show the flamechess robotic system demo in the event. At end of the day Mar.8 2017, the final version of FCR invitation show time was using Flamedoku to play chess and need the robot help first. Let’s intro the event and how to do.


IMG_20170308_123126_1 IMG_20170308_123147 IMG_20170308_115245
more than 300 kids come from 20 above school in KPH. 4 vs 4 was the team match for champin honor of school. see comments of pics. (7-8 years old kids, group beginner and C level; 9-10 years old kids, group B and C; kids was focus on. )

 IMG_20170308_141152  IMG_20170308_152733 IMG_20170308_151840
. (the Group C; beginner was very cute; the scratch boy want program the robotic; International school chess team; the honors they got.)


IMG_20170308_105723 IMG_20170308_130808
. Using dice to play flamechess was starting the game. the girl white side was too smart, she just play the flamechess after my introduce only 1 sentence. then 2 girls was playing and intro the new rules for other.
. That was the final result, there’s Winner to got more points of pieces.

. Which pieces need to move by the Flamedoku numbers kids selected. That’s the robotic system. 4 groups 4×4 sudoku number on the board. and Need kids to guess the number correct first, if not they can’t move this step or move the king. if correct, they can move the correct pieces on chess board. (this destop only flamedoku desktop)

 HOW to SHOW flamegames STEP by STEP

(pics from: FlameDoku 4×4 level robot play demo.)

  1. prepare desktop 1 cloud chess board (to record the moves), 1 Chess Arm robotic system (to caculate the flamedoku rects)
  2. Testing the robot system ok. Runing 3 time to caculate 3 flamedoku rects for prepare the game. the 4th standby.
  3. Teach 1st kids like above girl, and let kids to teach other kids. Parents was important for help kids to understand what i said to explain it, show how to move pieces by dice. what meaning of the dice and pieces number (the flamechess rules.)
  4. one of 4×4 flamedoku area have 3 times for each player to free choice which number they want move. after 3 times, 2 kids together 6 times later. kids must guess the number correct.
  5. loop of free choice, move pieces, solve the sudoku, move pieces, till to got king like flamechess got.
  6. Only 2 rects of flamedoku, 32 pieces can be select and 32 moves for the flamechess board near the robotic. After the 32 moves, We need to check which side will be best to got more points. If they all not got other side’s king in 32 moves.


(Released FlameChessIII for visiting DK 3 years.)

  • the Special DICE in teacher box.
  • the Sticker with flamechess logo can be honors of every kids
  • the Flamechess chessset the best gift to new kids
  • Robotic free using, show tools for coach & club who wants.
  • Cloud Chess board like the Robotic system.
  • Other games and gift related flamechess.
    flamechess tower gifts … )

. ps: the DICE in demo teacher box now in the boy’s hand, he meet with me 1st at Sep.25 2016. to do whole program of the flamedoku method to play chess. His mother was the volunter to translate rules in dannish words to him and twins brother.

(that’s the face boy on website

ALL gift / HONORs for kids can got the donation or DIY
from flaming mountation junior chess team.
(pls. view “Released FlameChessIII for visiting DK 3 years.” )
Hope you enjoy the trip of the flamechess.

Let FlameDoku help kids Out of the mountains

“Let Flamechess help kids out of the mountains”

. An Elder Coach said at beginning of Flaming mountain junior chess team borned. This hope encouraged many coach and parent and kids efforts together, and got lots of success. The key of it was SHAREing happiness with others.

“Let FlameDoku help kids out of the mountains”

. That’s the sound from a kids player who was the earlier team member of another mountains school chess team at SHUANGMIAO MINGDE junior school, QingLong, Heibei Province, China. the map far from beijing is below…

the maps where was the kids & the sound from.

. Yeasterday, I was driving to Qinglong to visit those kids. That’s for Chess robotic system demo When present at Mar.8, 2017 (the FCR invitation DK) . Only 2 hours, I was showing the Robot how to play, and play with kids, then asked them which gifts they like as honers. the Answer was below: chess set + teacher (could be coach, parents, kids brother/sister and anyone who knows how to play.) + a robot (help kids to interest , help teacher to orgnize the plays.) —— said Dejun Yuan (the inventor of FlameDoku)

chinese chess + chess + sudoku ( 3in1 set) in one box (left) & portable teacher’s version on the right hand. (next pics.)
. The practic was the chess play & try the chess robot how to work. All for the futrue’s teacher – junior students in a 30,000 kids province.

. We already got the solution to prepare let the kids out of the mountains. Not donate the tickets for them simply, It’s encourage them to got the target by themselves. When I heard a kids said: “I prepare gifts for DK kids, you donate me the ticket to danmark.” The road to future was clearly in my mind. next will introduce how far did we walked at last 2 years.

 WE meet at Apr.15 2015 spring day.

wemeet1 mmexport1488603244483 mmexport1488603334209
. At 1st flamechess community BAIZIWAN present a celebration after 2013 sportaccord world mindgame. Mr.Qi Officer of Adream Fundation & Mr.Yuan play with kids to feel How happy was play chess with CAKE.
. Apr.15 2015, Mr.yuan was invited to QingLong, at the same classroom – ADREAM classroom, Mr.Qi intro the lessons of their foundation. Mr. Yuan play the Puzzle with kids, the Education officer of Qinglong view the smile on kids’ face. One box within 30 sets of FLAMEchess which materials came form 5 meter high Flamechess Gift tower at 2014.12 sportaccord world mindgame. Half of 10,000 sets from the tower went to Qinglong at following.

 WE connected at next months

IMG_20150527_090954 IMG_20150527_091110 IMG_20150527_092146 IMG_20150527_093033 IMG_20150527_093105 IMG_20150527_093124 IMG_20150527_093442 IMG_20150527_093645 IMG_20150527_094243 IMG_20150527_094728

Danmark Cookie, Sudoku 4×4 level with FlameDoku play, KIDs & Teacher, a Big party within happiness. FlameChess Gift Tower Story at the beginning.

10/30, 6/27, 5/27, 4/15 4times . We & KIDs play together.

 WE invited KIDs to Beijing for 1st Flamechess Invitation.

June 14th 2015, Beijing primary and junior school flamechess Invitation held in beijing seventeen middle school. Qinglong KIDs was joined to those kids for happy. 2 teachers with 4 kids went to BJ TIAN’AN’MEN.

The Teacher Ms.YaWei Pang written a sudoku paper
named “happy sudoku with my growup.pdf

 TO remember the SMILEs, leting them go further

theBOY_IMG_20150627_163836 theBOY_IMG_20150627_164122 THEboy_mmexport1434261130399

How happy their smiles is.
Can you find the kids from larger pics above in this artical?
This moment don’t you want to let them go further?

Let Sudoku help kids into MindGames!


(above picture from the book “KIDs’ Doku” 2nd page just released last day, after 4 years later.)

. The artical title was signed for flaming mountain junior chess team by Ms. ChenCen at 28.02.2013 who was the Leader of Chinese National Sudoku team, after several month who became a managing director of World Puzzle Federation from The 8th world Sudoku Champinship in beijing at the same year. 1st World Junior Sudoku Championship start from beijing china also was her works and efforts. at the WJSC a 12 years old world champin was borned , he’s from china.
. ( Next will talk about the flaming mountain junior chess team. 1st volunteer team for mindgames at Beijing China.)


12/2012, at Sportaccord World Mindgames Beijing, Women World Chess Champin Ms YiFan Hou with founder of Flamechess & FlameDoku Mr. Yuan. She singed name for Kids player of Flaming mountain junior chess team hoping kids have more fun for chess.

28/2/2013, to visit Member of WPF at beijing, the national media group who was one of Organizer of Sportaccord World Mindgame Beijing, and the same organizer of BEIJING Olympic Games. Meeting with Leader of china national Sudoku team Ms ChenCen. She signed the title sentence of Flaming Mountain Junior chess team.

5/3/2013, Playing sudoku with kids at biggest volunteer meeting, the Director of national volunter union Mr.Guo with Mr.yuan take photos. Flamechess & Flamedoku teaching sets in one box was announced.

19/5/2013, silver medal winner of Beijing Junior Sudoku Champinship, Mr.Yuan – founder of Flamedoku as Volunteer teacher for a Primary school GuangHuaRoad. He was with his kids with the awards.

8/6/2013, YA’AN Earthquake, Mr.Yuan was with Kids lost home to play more fun mindgames flamechess & sudoku.

3/8/2013, Henan Province Children Library, Mr.Yuan was with kids and parents to show how to play mindgames.


silver medal winner of 1st Beijing Junior Sudoku Champinship


Third place of 3rd Beijing Junior Sudoku Champinship