“friendship 1st, competion 2nd.” in first Flamechess invitation of Beijing junior and primary schools.

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[组图]北京市中小学火焰棋邀请赛 友谊第一没有第二
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June 14th, Beijing primary and junior school flamechess Invitation held in beijing seventeen middle school. The event is sponsored by the Beijing primary and junior school sports associations. From Yongan primary school, Hujialou center primary school, more than 100 kids players joined the invitation game.

The game is according the rules of flamechess mixed Sudoku and chess.
In the game, players first eat the pieces can be awarded for a piece of the tournament flamechess cookies, encouraged kids. The game was always filled with kids players happy, crisp laughter, so that the original serious game exudes a pleasant atmosphere.

This event has several first, all chess sets are DIYed; all the staff and referees are the volunteers, parents; zero based competition, offer advice be allowed, old player help beginner, two team help each other, Friendship First, NO Second, all kids got the same gift cookies and certificate; volunteer training efficiency. “flamechess” APP is a secret weapon. More children to participate in the flamechess in this mind sports, inspired wisdom, rich amateur life.

“Flame chess” is an interesting combination of play chess and Sudoku, dice and so on, not only let the chess become simple, more to stimulate children’s learning fun. After the promotion of the founder Yuan Dejun and volunteers, flamechess has tens of thousands of fans. And through the use of waste materials DIY flamechess, as present sharing to friends. In this unique way, flamechess passed the environmental protection, sharing and other ideas will be more widely passed.