FlameChessSet Designs Released, the DIY version from bottle caps has became the pass.

. Mar.25th 2014, I got the success of Flamechess Culture trip to visit Copenhagen Skole Skak Open. I saw bottle caps appears on the danish kids chess board. There’re chess pieces sticker on the bottle caps. I was bring this idea back to china. Then gains more sucess in the following three years.

. Today I realesed the designs of new flamechessset to remember the friendship of Mr. Jacobson, the Generalsekretær of Danish SkoleSkak. He told me at this day 3 years ago:

“Friends were sharing time each other.”

20140325 mmexport1469583864853

. this sentence was another gains from Flamechess Culture trip three years ago. Following is the designs of mine.

Mar.25th, 2017
Dejun Yuan. the founder of Flamechess.cn
and FlameChess Robotic union.

(Sturctures and Elements of the Chessset)

(Outlooks of 5 tipical Chess pieces, look like flamechess gift tower.)

 The Designs Introduction:

  • Sturctures and Elements of the Chessset
  1. Center of the 1st diagram was LOGO of flaming mountain junior chess team. The kNight with long hair was in the middle.
  2. The piece designs was based on a flat bottom constructed using same elements of layers.
  3. The element was enlarged on top left of the diagram.
  4. The designs will be adapted with LEGO pieces, look at the size of each part of LEGO pieces marked on the diagram.
  5. The yellow one on the right of the diagram was the smallest element layer, its diameter was 8mm.
  6. All diameters were marked on the right of each layers.
  7. The small data table was on the left of the diagram, marked 5 layer diameters for kNight Base.
  8. The long data table on the top right of the diagram was total number of the layer elements from the 6 diffrent flamechess pieces (see the next diagram. pls)
  9. Totally there’re 16 diffrent diameters of the elements.
  10. release the contact message of mine, flamemind trademark, and the date of diagram designing.
  11. At the end, why was no clearly the kNight outlines?
    because, It can be 3D sculptured or 3D printing.
  • Outlooks of 5 tipical Chess pieces,
  1. The data table on the left, marked 5 pieces diameters for King, Queen, Bishop, Rook, Pawn. the top data of the table was the bottom layer of the pieces.
  2. King and Queen have the same shaps, elements of the body have the same number of layers and same diameters also.
  3. the Heads of King and Queen were diffrent height.
    King has 3 layers, but Queen only has 1.
  4. The King will not using cross shap, only 3 circle layers. Using the smallest elements 8mm, It’ll be used the original LEGO pieces.
  5. The top of the Bishop was not narrow, because of the smallest element was 8mm. the Bishop will not have gap on the head.
  6. The top of the Rook will not have the gaps on the eage also,
    replaced by the circle shape, not the normal rook’s rectangle waves.
  7. The pawn’s bottom was the same size with other pieces.
  8. Each pieces’ base elements had 3 layers, 26mm, 28mm, 27mm. They’ll be used as flat pieces like traditional chinese chess.
  9. This designs came from flamechess twins chess, two kind of pieces stickers will on the 2 sides of flat pieces.
  10. The 3 layers designs could be placed in the middle of it with Cloud Chess Board sensors or magnatic chips.
  11. the Colorful pieces will be as black side of the Chess, the pure transparent pieces will be as white side. You can also select one color or no color in one side.
  12. the date of diagram was Mar.23, the same day with CPH SKOLESKAK OPEN 3 years ago.

 The Story of the Desings:
.      the Borns of the FlameChess Gift Tower

volunteers build chess tower to set the world record.

flamechess tower

.  one year ago I met with danish grand master Peter Nielson. At the same big event of mindgames SPORTACCORD. the 5 meters high Biggest chess tower in the world was stand on the BEIJING Olympic park meeting hall.

nelson 6 2
. That’s the 1st time connection with danish people. the Encourage was that I be invited by Peter to visit Danmark. He like the flamechessset and play chess with cake honors. He enjoys the time to play with chinese kids. He was the friend of Flaming mountain junior chess team. Flamechess.cn was opened for this international connection. upfuture.org also registed at the this time, It’s used before last time visit CPH this March 2017.

rikke2 threeversion rikke1
. Using Lego elements is greeting to denmark. My 1st trip to CPH skoleskak OPEN, a Lego elements chessset was made as gift for danish friends Rikke Nielson, the sister of Peter.

IMG_20150827_062727 IMG_20150828_165420 IMG_20150828_193732 IMG_20150829_151529
. That’s to reason to using LEGO elements. Flamechess Robot appearance also using LEGO pieces to package the chips. a LEGO producted chessset was for my sons’ gift at once trip to danmark.

Dejun Yuan to introduce the tower chess set on the tower Photo : Vianney THIBAUT
. The idea using bottle caps to DIY chessset came from danish skoleskak. That’s the basic gift on the chess tower, 2000 bottle caps chessset on the tower, 2000 chinese kids came from community build it. That’s the Cultural and Education Programme on SPORTACCORD world mindgames 2014. Director General, Mr.Vlad Marinescu, addressed the children saying, “keep dreaming and do not be afraid to dream, but never forget to always work hard in order to make your dreams come true”. In front of Mr.Vlad there’s the same flamechessset played with Peter.
. Those gifts chessset was send to HEBEI provience QingLong MingDe school. There’re 30,000 juniors in Qinglong and Flamedoku grows up in there. (Qinglong kids also wanted it.)

How to developing the Real Set:

mmexport1469583878085 mmexport1469583886145 mmexport1469583875473  mmexport1469583890541
the fast building huge chess tower in Beijing Accadmy.

mmexport1469583819637 mmexport1469583822578 mmexport1469583811091 mmexport1469583814272
handbook edited by ZhongGuanCun 2nd Primary School.

Electric(Cloud) Chess Board with Flamechess twins pieces.

. Any newest real flamechessset is borning in the worldwide maker minds and hands, Pls join us to sharing happiness to the KIDs. This is a FCRobic UNION Newest Application Scenarios. (see the announcement)

Let us together to:

“Connect KIDs , Connect Future !”

Mar.25 2017
Mr. Dejun Yuan, the Founder of
FCR union & FlameChess.

ps: FlameChessSet Developing Diary from Apr.2nd 2017.

Released FlameChessIII for visiting DK 3 years.

. Before Københavnsmesterskab for skoleskakhold 2017 , Mar.8 2017.
We have announcement to Released one solution for kids learning mindgames.
named “FlameChessIII“. There 3 parts of the solution, below:


  • easy learning method and special chessset learning tools,
  • Multigame learning together for kids interesting build,
  • Learning in play, adding other games of learning program in.
  • Enter community, kindergarden, school to play with kids

2 kinds of study tools box:
1 for teacher, 1 for students, All can be DIY.



 Cloud Chess Board ” ASSISTED LEARNING

. using electric chess board to recording the chess pieces move, then let coach to explain. Personalized teaching, targeted guidance.


. using Robot to Assisted play, and based Cloud Chess Board, adding Eye tracking, AI program to increasing Assisted learning ability.

(pics from: FlameDoku 4×4 level robot play demo.)

Release FlameDoku at same time for kids

Another learning system special for sudoku, part of flamechess. start from 3 years old kids to begin play with.

pls. VISIT http://FlameDoku.cn

Release FlameChessIII using diary in chinese version,
Download FlameChessIII here. English version later…

the pdf screen view pictures: 18 pages.

page01 page02 page03 page04 page05 page06 page07 page08 page09 page10 page11 page12 page13 page14 page15 page16 page17 page18