HEX – the Rainbow between kids.

After 1 years making, the FlameChess newest set has too many function and play methods. The HEX was one of the special game to using the flamechess set. because of It’s one of the AI computer game competation events in CHINA colleges.


( the program was edit by Robotic AI Computer LAB of BJUT. this version only for kids player to learn how to play hex. the Computer competation was 11×11 maps. The Red side is human player from FlameLAB, the Blue side is computer from FUTAhex named by BJUT team.)

 How to using the FlameChess set to play HEX:

4x4 5x5 7x7

the map size is the difficult of the game. 4×4 is easier the 7×7. the demo game 6×6 based on 34 pieces of flamechess. In generally, 7×7 map can go to the end of the game using 34 pieces. 4×4 was used for baby player play with parents. 5×5 can be win by first move player. HEX like the go game and link 5, it’s good target for computer program.

 Using Cloud Chess Board to recording the game moves:
.      also be connection of the game in far distance


this board was build based on Cloud Chess Board – one of electric chess board solution. the Board shape is special for HEX, the sensors numbers was the same as CCB. the Newest LOGO FLAME ? (named flame what?) is the flamechess MAKER LAB – FLAMELAB‘s LOGO. this board could be played with computer that’s the designed fuction be support in the future.

The International Invitation started between 2 cities:

FCR invitation named from 2017, between CPH & BJ from DK & CN. Group 5 in 1 team was the invitation elment. 5 players vs 5 players between 2 cities. The game goals is sharing more gift to other kids in the city – name GIVING. the words LIVING is GIVING was start for the DK at 2018 DESIGN BEIJING events.

LIVINGgiving mmexport1535242590301

( left was photo at Sep.25th 2018 at BJ 798. POST of LIVING is GIVING CPH. right was the flamechess gift set, All pieces made by used copy papers, and cut to shapes of hex and round, 80 layers one pieces. The DIY set had the same play methods number with the real set. )

 LET’S START to INVITE the NEW city:

  • 5 players 1 team.
  • 3 computer programed by kids U18, U15, U12
  • 2 humen brains in the team.
  • Preparing the Gifts, not only Flamechess. Any Gift can be Giving.
  • DIY flamechess be encouraged,
    bottle caps, card board … anything can made the chess pieces and boards.
  • Anything can do all around the invitation and Giving efforts.

Just try it. to connecting your CITY INVITER

CPH dk, BEIJING cn, Trosmø no, Oxford uk,
MB ca, Vancouver ca, Lusaka zm, …

Released FlameChessIII for visiting DK 3 years.

. Before Københavnsmesterskab for skoleskakhold 2017 , Mar.8 2017.
We have announcement to Released one solution for kids learning mindgames.
named “FlameChessIII“. There 3 parts of the solution, below:


  • easy learning method and special chessset learning tools,
  • Multigame learning together for kids interesting build,
  • Learning in play, adding other games of learning program in.
  • Enter community, kindergarden, school to play with kids

2 kinds of study tools box:
1 for teacher, 1 for students, All can be DIY.



 Cloud Chess Board ” ASSISTED LEARNING

. using electric chess board to recording the chess pieces move, then let coach to explain. Personalized teaching, targeted guidance.


. using Robot to Assisted play, and based Cloud Chess Board, adding Eye tracking, AI program to increasing Assisted learning ability.

(pics from: FlameDoku 4×4 level robot play demo.)

Release FlameDoku at same time for kids

Another learning system special for sudoku, part of flamechess. start from 3 years old kids to begin play with.

pls. VISIT http://FlameDoku.cn

Release FlameChessIII using diary in chinese version,
Download FlameChessIII here. English version later…

the pdf screen view pictures: 18 pages.

page01 page02 page03 page04 page05 page06 page07 page08 page09 page10 page11 page12 page13 page14 page15 page16 page17 page18 


“friendship 1st, competion 2nd.” in first Flamechess invitation of Beijing junior and primary schools.

wKhpB1V-X6uAe8svAAZEM93na9U362.jpg!T800x600 wKhpB1V-X7aAF5zLAAXD2JWalUQ321.jpg!T800x600 wKhpB1V-X8GAYTKYAAZHvBZLc1g100.jpg!T800x600 wKhpB1V-X82AK7RMAAV5Koqyj8M992.jpg!T800x600
wKhpB1V-YceAFbOAAAQYnVOlTbc201.jpg!T800x600 wKhpBlV-X7CAIVeZAAQuEB7XJzw654.jpg!T800x600
wKhpBlV-X7yAC7ErAAZXZiWYIXU872.jpg!T800x600 wKhpBlV-X96AEfMHAATJm54I-hA261.jpg!T800x600 wKhpB1V-X-6AAgWKAAaCSRkOXkg449.jpg!T800x600 wKhpB1V-X-OAWzdrAADPzcRvZwk897.jpg!T800x600 wKhpBlV-X9OAD13OAAirgVcHR40022.jpg!T800x600wKhpBlV-X-mAatf6AAdeBWy2He4383.jpg!T800x600 

[组图]北京市中小学火焰棋邀请赛 友谊第一没有第二
( http://www.qipai.org.cn/photo-41596.html )





June 14th, Beijing primary and junior school flamechess Invitation held in beijing seventeen middle school. The event is sponsored by the Beijing primary and junior school sports associations. From Yongan primary school, Hujialou center primary school, more than 100 kids players joined the invitation game.

The game is according the rules of flamechess mixed Sudoku and chess.
In the game, players first eat the pieces can be awarded for a piece of the tournament flamechess cookies, encouraged kids. The game was always filled with kids players happy, crisp laughter, so that the original serious game exudes a pleasant atmosphere.

This event has several first, all chess sets are DIYed; all the staff and referees are the volunteers, parents; zero based competition, offer advice be allowed, old player help beginner, two team help each other, Friendship First, NO Second, all kids got the same gift cookies and certificate; volunteer training efficiency. “flamechess” APP is a secret weapon. More children to participate in the flamechess in this mind sports, inspired wisdom, rich amateur life.

“Flame chess” is an interesting combination of play chess and Sudoku, dice and so on, not only let the chess become simple, more to stimulate children’s learning fun. After the promotion of the founder Yuan Dejun and volunteers, flamechess has tens of thousands of fans. And through the use of waste materials DIY flamechess, as present sharing to friends. In this unique way, flamechess passed the environmental protection, sharing and other ideas will be more widely passed.

Hope the Million Flamechess is coming soon.

flamechess_Screenshot_01 flamechess_Screenshot_03 flamechess_Screenshot_02
flamechess_Screenshot_04 flamechess_Screenshot_05

The FlameChess APP was developed by Beijing Lianzhong Game (stock code: 6899 HK).
The download service is also provided by them.
In the developing of Our team, our old friend “Lianzhong” alway with us.
Hope the Million Flamechess is coming soon.

Flaming Mountains Junior chess team

download  (the version allready upgrade to fireChess-release-signed0605.apk)
PS: The newest download (for Android only) is here:

(open it with explorer)

This game is designed for parents,
to learn the two mind games ( sudoku & chess ),
play with their kids ( 3-7 ages.) and enjoy happiness,
then share it to others, kids, parents, …

The chess play with dice is called flamechess.
The sudoku making by themself is called flamedoku.

Parents learning the game by phone or pad first,
then DIY the chessset and sudoku board
to play with the kids.

Pls. Leave your kids outof the hardware.
The hardware can’t instead your care and love.
Your kids need your time to share with them.
It’s happiness time with you do anything.

Contact us to get gifts:
Our team have lots of flamechess DIY Materials, can send to you as gift.
Our team just in your community, school, kidgarden…

Download address:
(pls share it to others, open it with explorer)

hope the million flamechess is coming soon
this introduction in pdf file. [millionhope.pdf]

english Version Download:
Screenshot_2015-05-28-19-34-45 Screenshot_2015-05-28-19-39-54
PS: The newest download (for Android only) is here:
(open it with explorer)

Hello world!

I am a software engineer, because the foundation do volunteer using  information technology, is predestined friends the meet this new field.

I have 5 years experience of voluntary service, served a lot of charity, and me most exciting experiences was as the Flaming Mountains Junior Chess Team of volunteers, directly involved in promoting international chess the popularity of sports in China.

And also because of the “2013 Beijing SportAccord World Mind Games”, let me have more sense of mission.

FlameChess.cn 将以博客的方式,首先记录下2013智运会的志愿活动的感动,进而让它成为火焰山国际象棋队走向世界的一扇门。每位志愿者都将拥有1把智慧钥匙,我们需要共同开启智慧之门,不只迎接五洲小朋友来北京,也将有更多中国的小朋友走向世界。
FlameChess.cn will be a blog, the first recorded volunteer activities of Flaming Mountaions team at “2013 Beijing SportAccord World Mind Games”, and then let it become our chess team a door to the world. The volunteers will have 1 key of wisdom, we need to open the door of wisdom together, not only meet the world friend come to Beijing, will also have more children to go to the world from China.

Thank master nelson, thank you and all of volunteers to support our team!

Welcome to Beijing!


I am Dejun Yuan,
The registered volunteers in Beijing,
Volunteer mentors of Flaming Mountains Junior Chess Team
Contact me: yuandj1972@163.com

PS: 本文翻译借用“有道翻译”,http://fanyi.youdao.com/
PS: this article translation use “youdao translation”,
My friends recommend online translation services.
(I’ll try to writing directly next.)


the Flaming Mountains Junior Chess Team at World Mind Game 2013

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