Hello world!

I am a software engineer, because the foundation do volunteer using  information technology, is predestined friends the meet this new field.

I have 5 years experience of voluntary service, served a lot of charity, and me most exciting experiences was as the Flaming Mountains Junior Chess Team of volunteers, directly involved in promoting international chess the popularity of sports in China.

And also because of the “2013 Beijing SportAccord World Mind Games”, let me have more sense of mission.

FlameChess.cn 将以博客的方式,首先记录下2013智运会的志愿活动的感动,进而让它成为火焰山国际象棋队走向世界的一扇门。每位志愿者都将拥有1把智慧钥匙,我们需要共同开启智慧之门,不只迎接五洲小朋友来北京,也将有更多中国的小朋友走向世界。
FlameChess.cn will be a blog, the first recorded volunteer activities of Flaming Mountaions team at “2013 Beijing SportAccord World Mind Games”, and then let it become our chess team a door to the world. The volunteers will have 1 key of wisdom, we need to open the door of wisdom together, not only meet the world friend come to Beijing, will also have more children to go to the world from China.

Thank master nelson, thank you and all of volunteers to support our team!

Welcome to Beijing!


I am Dejun Yuan,
The registered volunteers in Beijing,
Volunteer mentors of Flaming Mountains Junior Chess Team
Contact me: yuandj1972@163.com

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the Flaming Mountains Junior Chess Team at World Mind Game 2013

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SportAccord News – the Faming Mountain Chess Club visited the World Mind Games

On a cultural note, the Faming Mountain Chess Club visited the World Mind Games venue to teach Grandmasters an initiation game for playing chess. The Grandmasters enjoyed being taught something they had never seen before, while they exchanged smiles and laughter with the young chinese chess players.

Cultural Programme: Local Chess Club visits the competition venue

Photo : Vianney THIBAUT


(Photo: Chess Grand Master Bartek Heberla teaches a young chess club member)

On a day where no school visit took place,
the students of the Faming Mountain Chess Club visited the competition venue.

Chess Grandmasters Mr. Bartek Heberla and Mr. Pieter Heine Nielsen welcomed the 15 students of the Chess Club at the spectator area of the Beijing International Convention Center. This time around, the Grandmasters were the ones getting taught by 5-10 year olds.

SportAccord News – December 14, 2013
World Mind Games Beijing 2013
Day 3

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